• The most gorgeous coffee cart in Melbourne.
  • Set up includes signature Sunday Supply co umbrellas with fresh leaves and blooms.
  • Turn your gathering into a real event.
  • This cart can  fit and go anywhere.
  • Be it in an office, high-rise, kitchenette, foyer, boardroom, event space, public area or paddock. We have a portable & flexible solution to suit your event.
  • Perfect for office events, company celebrations, meetings, product & fashion launch’s weddings and cocktail parties.
  • Can be hired to serve both coffee and  Espresso Martinis.
  • Can be customised with hand painted branding, logos or artwork
  • Requires standard 10 amp power
  • Includes delivery within metropolitan Melbourne area
  • Registered with Streat Trader
  • Public liability insurance
  • Porcelain cups & glassware available upon request


  • This cart can also fit and go anywhere.
  • The original vintage gypsy caboose. Our beloved gypsy soul includes bespoke deck chairs, retro umbrellas, leaves and blooms.
  • Can be completely rebranded and customised with logos and/or artwork.
  • Perfect for parties, weddings, film shoots, corporate & special events.
  • Requires standard 10 amp power
  • Public liability insurance
  • Includes delivery within metropolitan Melbourne area
  • Porcelain cups and glassware available upon request


Organic Milk/Bonsoy/Milklab Almond  & Coconut Milk.
Belgium Hot Chocolate, T2 Teas.
Prana Chai, Golden Milk & Matcha Maiden green tea latte.

All Day doughnuts , Cobb Lane Doughnuts, Noisette Pastries, Espresso Martinis & Fresh Drinking Coconuts available upon request.