Looking for the perfect addition to your event? Coffee Caboose brings you the finest coffee cart hire experience. We aim to deliver this experience wherever you are – be it a corporate event, a private celebration, or a community gathering.

Coffee Caboose offer tailored coffee experiences, ensuring that our service perfectly matches the tone and style of your event. Our coffee cart hire Melbourne service is an ideal way to impress your guests and promote your brand image. It’s a sophisticated, mobile coffee cart Melbourne experience designed to enrich every event in this cosmopolitan city.

Our mobile coffee carts are equipped with everything you need to serve your guests. We set up each mobile coffee cart with a selection of Allpress Coffee, Specialty Tea, Belgium Hot Chocolate, Matcha Maiden Latte, Golden Milk, Prana Chai, Bonsoy, Almond & Coconut Milks, Espresso Martinis, Fresh Drinking Coconuts, Doughnuts, Raw Vegan Treats + Pastries.


Delicious Coffee, Expertly Brewed: Our mobile baristas are trained to make the perfect cup of coffee. We ensure every cup from our carts is rich in flavour, perfectly balanced, and tailored to your taste.

Versatile and Stylish Carts: Our coffee carts Melbourne are renowned for their design, with umbrellas, fresh leaves, and blooms adding a touch of elegance to any event.

Customised Coffee Solutions: Whether it’s a small gathering or a large event, we offer customisation options for our coffee stands, including hand-painted branding, logos, or artwork, making our carts a perfect fit for product launches, fashion events, and corporate branding opportunities

Sustainability at Heart: In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, Coffee Caboose leads with a commitment to sustainability. Our coffee is sourced ethically, and our operations are designed to be environmentally friendly.

A Touch of Sophistication: Our coffee carts are styled to add an element of sophistication to your event. Each cart blends elegance and practicality, ensuring your guests are served in style.

“Loved working with Coffee Caboose.
They are so lovely & professional
& the coffee always tastes delicious.”

Corporate Sector: Perfect for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, networking events, product launches, annual galas, and many more. Our coffee van hire Melbourne adds a professional yet inviting touch to corporate gatherings.

Fashion and Product Launches: Make a statement at your launch event with a coffee cart that aligns with your brand’s aesthetic and offers a unique customer experience.

Weddings and Cocktail Parties: Add a sophisticated flair to your special day or evening event with our elegant mobile coffee van Melbourne, enhancing the overall ambiance – a perfect blend of luxury and intimacy.

Public and Community Events: Engage the community or add a unique element to public events and markets with our eye-catching and versatile mobile coffee carts Melbourne. Our carts are designed to be a focal point, encouraging interaction and connection.

Barista Hire for Events: Looking to add that extra professional trust to your next Melbourne event? Why not hire a barista to ensure coffee beverages are enjoyed. Coffee Caboose provides professional barista hire services, ensuring guests enjoy the highest quality coffee.



A Coffee Caboose Cart at your event can add a centerpiece that not only serves exceptional coffee but also becomes a conversation starter, a place where guests gather, interact, and enjoy. Our service is about creating an atmosphere as much as it is about serving coffee. At Coffee Caboose, we understand that each event is unique which is why we offer tailored professional coffee experiences. Starting with intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate events, our coffee carts Melbourne are the perfect addition to elevate the experience and keep your guests happy.

Add the Coffee Caboose experience to your next Melbourne event. Contact us today to make your booking.

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