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The most gorgeous coffee cart in Melbourne

Set up includes signature Sunday Supply co. umbrellas with fresh leaves and blooms

Turn your gathering into a real event

This cart can fit and go anywhere

Be it in an office, high-rise, kitchenette, foyer, boardroom, event space, public area or paddock. We have a portable & flexible solution to suit your event

Perfect for office events, company celebrations, meetings, product & fashion launch’s weddings and cocktail parties

Can be hired to serve both coffee and Espresso Martinis

Can be customised with hand painted branding, logos or artwork

Requires standard 10 amp power

Includes delivery within metropolitan Melbourne area

Registered with Street Trader

Public liability insurance

Coconut Caboose

Invite the Coco Caboose to provide an authentic + healthy tropical vibe

Freshly shucked green drinking coconuts amongst tropical leaves + blooms

Add a dessert bar with vegan raw treats or Cobb Doughnuts


Espresso Martini Caboose

Invite the Martini Caboose to provide an enchanting bar experiences as a part of your big day or cocktail party

Our carts are all equipped to serve both Coffee + Espresso Martinis. They are easily transported and are able to operate effectively in limitless location types and spaces

Knock your Guests socks off with our freshly brewed and shaken espresso Martinis and cocktails

Add a dessert bar with Doughnuts or fresh drinking coconuts


Artboard 8

Standard Issue


Organic Milk


Milklab Almond Milk

Coconut Milk

Belgium Hot Chocolate

Specialty Teas

Prana Chai

Golden Milk

Matcha Maiden Green Tea Latte

Beetroot Latte

Artboard 7

Swanky Extras



Raw Vegan Treats


Espresso Martinis

Fresh Drinking Coconuts

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